Thoughts, values, communication.
We "Interpret" all of them and create a connected world.

There are various borders in the world, such as lifestyles, cultures, and language differences.
We will cross those borders by making use of the broad perspective And communication technology that we have cultivated through exhibitions in Japan and overseas.
In order to connect valuable companies, products and technologies, and people all over the world, we comprehensively "interpret" and shape them, including their thoughts and values.
We hope that such places and opportunities will be an opportunity to create new economic activities and cultural exchanges.

Vision ~ Towards 2025 ~

From an exhibition booth specialist To be a partner who comprehensively supports global business!

To a partner who accompanies the business
An exhibition that requires the design of comprehensive communication. Since our founding, we have cultivated comprehensive "interpretation ability" through exhibitions in Japan and overseas.
It is the power to deliver thoughts and values ​​across various borders such as borders, environment, and position.
And that power is also needed in fields other than exhibitions. Not only temporary exhibition booths, but also continuous global Business.
I want to be a partner who provides comprehensive support. That is the feeling of Neu, who is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Our resource is people to create an environment where we can work as a professional.
Each staff member has a wide field of view, flexible ideas, and polite response.
It is these accumulations that will open up our future. He will demonstrate his power more than ever, value teamwork, and actively adopt work-life balance-oriented work styles so that he can play an active role as a professional.


We have cultivated the experience of making booths globally.
NOI's strengths and future value.

360 degree multi-support in front, back, left and right for booth exhibition

A lot from advance preparation to aftercare to lead the exhibition to success There are necessary steps.
We will support not only booth construction but also 360 degrees from various angles.

Reliable construction prepared in Germany

Speaking of Germany, which is also NOI's identity, Meisters country.
We, who are experienced in Germany, work with partners from each country.We will respond with reliable construction.

Increase global value with the power of design

Spatial design specialist. With a booth that can be used both overseas and domestically, we will realize a design that sometimes demonstrates communication beyond words.

Company profile

Company name
NOI Corporation
April 18, 1983
Room B, 2nd floor, Kinsan Building, 4-1-21 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022
Shinichi Takahashi
10 million yen
Registration items
Registered as a contractor Governor of Tokyo (carrying 2) No. 84950
Business content
Exhibition booth design and construction for various trade fairs and exhibition booths around the world
Consultant work related to the above, support for global business Planning, design, production of various advertising materials, planning and management of private events


4-1-21 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Room B on the 2nd floor of Kinsan Building


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CEO Message

For as many businesses as possible to bear fruit at Messe sites around the world.

Messe is a BtoB trade fair, a key industry in Germany, with a history dating back to the Middle Ages.
Since its founding as Messe Studio NOI in 1983, we have been creating booths at exhibition venues around the world, including the Messe venue in Germany.
Exhibitors and visitors meet at each company's exhibition booth, although they have various characteristics and purposes, such as overseas trade fairs with high business negotiations and domestic exhibitions as a place for exchanging the latest information.
I think it is NOI's mission to pursue how the booth space functions as a place for communication and to provide a place where as many businesses as possible can be connected.
In recent years, digitalization has progressed, and with the influence of Covid19, the existence value of the physical event itself has been questioned. There are different ways to communicate online and offline, but the balance is important.
We would like to further deepen the comprehensive support of our global business in order to create a booth space where digital and physical complement each other and become a place where we can connect more than ever.

Representative Director Shinichi Takahashi


Diversity | Get to know the world you don't know.

You can't create something you don't know.
Get in touch with various values ​​and cultures, broaden your horizons, and foster your creativity.

Communication | Let’s see the world from the other side.

It is the recipient who determines the value of communication.
Always start from the other person’s point of view in order to create something that reaches your heart.

Challenge | Let’s open up a new world.

Each work is a piece that creates a new self.
Start with what can you do and always cross the border.